Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running national security is like executing a Business Intelligence program

Saw this picture of Obama surrounded by the security team.

Looks a lot like a BI program initiative:

* Interconnected: Multiple inter-connected functional groups in a business unit
* Collaboration: Each group has its own agenda, but must collaborate with other groups to achieve the goal
* Vision: Each group has its own view of the "world", yet select few see the complete picture
* Leadership: Someone must make the call when there is a stalemate
* Prioritization: Constantly reprioritize as new information comes in
* Impact: Doing nothing has a disastrous impact
* Behavior:
>> Some treat it like a project and have an end in mind, others know that this is a continuous program
>> Some are overly optimistic, many are pessimistic. Realistic people are needed instead.

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