Sunday, August 30, 2009

Choosing health care in MN based on best quality and cost

Want to compare health care providers in Minnesota for the quality of care they provide and total health care cost? Use Minnesota HealthScores, a non-profit Web site that helps consumers choose the best MN health care providers for them and their family based on cost and quality of health care they provide. compares cost and quality of care provided by medical groups and clincs for the following conditions:
* Asthma
* Breast cancer screening
* Cancer screening
* Cervical Cancer Screening
* Chlamydia screening
* Colorectal cancer screening
* Depression
* Diabetes
* High blood pressure
* Vascular disease also provides cost reports that display payment amount for physician services, including amount a health plan pays for a procedure such as colonoscopy or office visit plus the amount a health plan tells the physician to collect as a copayment from the patient. uses data provided by MN health plans and data submitted by more than 300 medical clinics statewide.

Here are some ways consumers can use
* determine how well care is being delivered by your clinic
* learn about what type of care or "standard of care" consumers should expect from the health care system, so that they can discuss it with their health care team
* search for a new medical group or clinic
* If you have a specific condition, such as diabetes, review the scores for the diabetes measure to determine which medical groups in your area had the highest scores. Groups with the highest scores performed better in giving patients the right care for this health condition.
* determine payment amount for physician services

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